Boost your daily bread

Thrown in the pulp left over from your juice in with the bread mixture to make a nutritious loaf to enjoy with a simple warming winter bone broth lentil soup. carrot and red pepper bread

Here I added carrot, pear, red pepper, turmeric and ginger pulp to a pumpkin seed bread – was tasty life you wouldn’t believe!

Now I am no baker, I simply throw the lot in the breadmaker I was given by my dear second cousin and tadaah bread in made. It usually completely collapses in the middle and is a bit dense. You know that really HOME MADE texture, but t it tastes rather glorious all the same so I continue to make it from time to time 😉

Why not try it yourself? It takes exactly ZERO work and bingo freshly baked bread for all your soups, stews, scrambled eggs and jam sandwiches plus the addition of the pulp means high fibre plus extra minerals floating in your slice of heaven.

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