Not all salads were created equal


Not all salads were created equal

I have many a friend who is great offended by the offer of salad. “That pointless green stuff on the side of the plate” I have heard it called at my dining table, as if there is some kind of horrific IMAG0187anti-salad cult determined to erase its very existance from the planet. I then look pointedly at the anti-salad offender and pointing with my fork to thier plate say “that, that stuff on your plate my friend is SALAD. The stuff you’ve been delightedly enjoying for the last 25 minutes at this dinner table.”

” Ah yes but this isn’t salad, this is…. well Tatu Salad.”


I understand completely this statement, a few pieces of wilted iceberg lettuce and a soggy tomato would put anyone off the word salad for life! But the offending iceberg lettuce should not hold to ransom the wonderful and diverse world of salad, we are (somewhat) intellegent beings and think we should be able to differentiate between types of salad, it is after all and incredibly broad description. For example there is a salad in Tunisia which could also be described as a sauce, it comprises of slow cooked vegetables serve cold with bread and fish. Potato salad? Tuna Mayo salad? Warm roasted vegetable salad?

It begs to ask, what is the definition of a salad?

Google told me this:

This is a fabulusly broad description, it basically means – there are no rules. As a creative chef who is obsessed with herbs and vegetables no rules is good, not that I ever had a problem with rules or being told what to do 😉IMAG0208

So next time you berrate the Salad think twice, you might be offending the salad with your narrowminded judgement of its very existence. Go forth, chop and dress your food, and EAT SALAD my friend.