Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining optimum weight and body composition can be a challenge to say the least!

General weight loss or gain advice doesn’t work for everyone, if you have found yourself in this situation be reassured that you haven’t failed with your diet, the diet itself was not the right approach and so your diet has failed you. I create a supportive, informative program personalised to each client to help them achieve their goals safely and ensuring their health comes first.

There can be underlying health imbalances that lead to weight gain and prevent effective weight loss and maintenance and our first port of call will be to identify if any of these are affecting you and start to rebalance through lifestyle and food changes and, for those who may need it, a supplement regime. I also work with clients needing to put on weight for health reasons adopting a similar approach, looking at underlying imbalances, seeking to rebalance and then towards optimum weight.

For some clients laboratory testing may be needed, various tests are available easily through the NHS others will need to be done privately and are not included in the package price but I am always be mindful when requesting my clients to test.

Examples of imbalances that could be preventing you from achieving you optimal weight could be;

Cortisol dominance

Oestrogen imbalance

Testosterone imbalance

Low nutrient status

Thyroid dysfunction

Insulin resistance

Food intolerances

12 week Weight management package

This includes:

  • 7 consultations over a 12 week period
  • Analysis of test results throughout the package period
  • Email support throughout package period

Week 1: Initial consultation which will take up to 60 minutes, here we will look at your food and response diary, any past test results you may have and look deeply into your body systems systematically to ascertain if there are an imbalances that need addressing. within 48hrs you will receive a wellness plan that will include a tailored nutritionally sound menu plan, movement advice encompassing flexibility, agility, strength and cardiovascular, and mental/emotional techniques.

Week 2: Up to 30 minute Skype or phone follow up where we will discuss your progress, any changes to your health and any changes to the plan that will be helpful. You will receive another week menu plan within 24hrs.

Week 3: Up to 60 minute follow up appointment to be conducted face to face or remotely depending on what suits you. Here we will look at any tests results requested in the initial consultation and make amendments to the plan accordingly if needed.

Week 4: Up to 30 minute Skype or phone follow up, you will receive a new plan which will provide guidelines for your food and nutrients instead of a menu plan so moving you to the next stage allowing you to take the lead on your own health and weight.

Week 6: Up to 60 minute follow up to assess your progress, the ease of your plan, make any adjustments we feel needed.

Week 10: Up to 30 minute follow up to address efficacy of the plan and address any changes that may be needed.

Week 12: Up to 60 minute final follow up where we will look at creating a plan for ongoing use using the past twelve weeks to create a tailored support plan for you to use as a basis for your weight and health journey. Your final plan will be emailed to you within 48hrs fo your final consultation.

Cost £537

Additional phone or skype follow ups are available on an ad hoc basis at a rate of £50 for 30 minutes and £80 for 60 minutes.

Prices for low income clients are available on request, please contact me directly to discuss.

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