What is it?

Your Nutrition Check-Up is a bite sized 20-30 minute consultation to look briefly at your health and nutrition.

Who is it for?

For anyone who feels they don’t have the time and the head space right now to get their mind around committing to a full consultation or just need a few questions answered.

Why is it useful to you?

The current global situation has never seen health be so important, having a few myths busted, questions answered, dietary or lifestyle changes make a huge impact on your health story.

What will you get and what is your OUTCOME after this mini consultation?

A short one to one call to answer your questions and/or look at your health concerns. Bring a note pad and pen to take notes as it can be hard to remember everything we discuss.

After this remote mini consultation you will have a few health questions answered, some useful information and tasks you can implement immediately, clarity to take steps to better health.

Examples from past clients included some of the things listed below:

  • How to practice portion control for a woman struggling with her weight.
  • Where to get quality supplements and not waste money on bad ones for a fitness trainer who was buying from high street store.
  • 3 tips for balancing hormones for someone who had bad PMS.
  • How to practice safe effective fasting for a man who worked at a high stress job in banking.
  • Simple ways to include more vegetables and fruits in a tasty way for a busy mother of four who was exhausted but needed to improve the family diet.


How much does it cost?

Mini consultations are free at this time, however donations and skills swaps are welcome.

You can donate via the below options

PayPal to tkbearcroft@gmail.com or by clicking HERE.

MPESA to 0743078889