Working to improve nutritional and wellness knowledge in the work place

I regularly educate on a larger scale at corporate events, working with a variety of companies as part of their wellbeing programmes. I run Nutrition and Wellness seminars as well as hosting presentations and on site cooking and smoothie making workshops.

I have created a new range of interactive talks and demonstrations for businesses to offer their employees to help take control of their health to improve general and specific health. If what you are looking for is not among what is currently listed please contact me and we can discuss your requirements to create a bespoke presentation.

Please get in touch for prices and details.

Past clients include:

  • Lonely Planet
  • Last Word Media
  • National Australia Bank
  • John Lewis
  • Waitrose
  • ZenDesk
  • Central & Cecil
  • Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP

Stress management, a nutritional approach

Stress is the buzz word of modern day life, it is also a driver of multiple disease processes and health imbalances in the modern western world. This talk will run through and cover the effects of stress on the body all the way down to an atomic level to deepen the understanding of the process and in that explain how certain stress reducing factors work. Anti-oxidants and how they act will be explained and the groupings explained with examples of each given so that you may implement change into your everyday meals easily and with firm knowledge. A question and answer session is included for you to get the most from this experience.

Brain Boost, a nutritional approach to boosting brain function

Attention to detail is key as this talk will cover nutrients and practices to boost and support brain function as well as advice on how to care for the health of your brain going forward. In this talk the most up to date research will be covered to ensure you have a firm understanding on how to boost the function of your brain. A question and answer session is included for you to get the most from this experience.

Fast Food, Health Food, creating nutritious meals in limited time

An interactive demonstration of a few simple healthy dishes where a brief discussion on nutrients and how to get the most from your food will be covered. Todays fast paced life leaves little space for the vital preparation of food yet our stress filled lives require more attention than ever. This demonstration will look at how to work around things and implement small simple changes to ensure you are treating your body with the love and respect it deserves. A question and answer session is included for you to get the most from this experience.

Sports nutrition, fueling your body wisely for training whilst working full time

There are so many sweeping statements made about nutrition, especially sports nutrition. Constant new research leaves us confused as to whether to eat the banana or fling it across the room in terror. This simple and fun talk will give you the solid basics supported by the most up to date research on how to fuel your body during training safely and easily. We will discuss current trends and whether they are based on solid trails in a Q&A session.

Energising Mood food, how to implement it into everyday life

The human body is mostly chemicals with a splash of something unknown that makes each of us who we are. When the chemicals are imbalanced everything goes wonky including our energy levels and mood. This session will look into how to balance these with the natural chemicals and molecules found in the foods we eat as well as the unhelpful chemicals that we ingest and are exposed to everyday. A short Q&A will be help to help you get the most from this talk.

Strong balanced immunity, a nutritional approach

Disregulation of the immune system can lead to more than a simple cough or cold. This talk will look at some of the possible causes and what drives immune disregulation and how to bring a little more homeostasis back into our bodies with the wise use of foods and their nutrients as well as other practices that have beneficial affects on immune response.

Healthy Heart, a nutritional approach

Cardiovascular disease is on the rise and needlessly. This session will look at what foods and practices can help to care your cardiovascular system going forward. This session will share useful information to apply both within your own life and those around you who may be at risk. A short Q&A will be help at the end.

Weight management, finding and maintaining your ideal weight

In this session the delicate topic of weight will be addressed. The pressures to appear a certain way are very damaging to our psychological self-image and therefore often into of physical health. Here we will discuss the different approaches to finding and maintaining a realistic, healthful and honest ideal weight and how micronutrient profiles can have such profound effects on this area.

ToxiCity, how to reduce the load and impact of toxins on our bodies

The exposure to toxic substances in everyday life in the city is surprisingly high, this session will explore what is really out there and how we can reduce the load on our bodies to decrease risks factors in later life. This is a problem solving session not a doom and gloom talk, staying positive and having an active approach will kepp us ahead of the game.

Macro and Micronutrient breakdown, what are you really eating and how to adjust to get the most from your meals.

Two options
Group discussion with general examples of food diaries to demonstrate human needs daily and how to intelligently navigate towards a more nutritionally sound approach to food and eating. Extremely helpful for those who want to see for themselves what the food they eat is giving them in terms of nutrients and how to manage and implement realistic mindful changes to take a step closer to optimum nutrition.


Detailed dietary assessment and nutritional advice, each client will be given a detailed breakdown of their current food intake and advice on how to make realistic changes and additions to approach a more idealistic food intake.
Please note this is not s full nutritional consultation and does not include discussions on pathologies and individual health concerns, each session will be approx 20minutes where I will explain the results of each clients detailed dietary breakdown and discuss what changes are able to be made. This session requires attendees to submit an honest and accurate 1 day food diary 4 days prior to session which will be assessed and discussed individually.

Minimum of 4 people per day or can be combined with other sessions on the same day.

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