Personalised Nutrition

Better health for you

1:1 combined Nutritional Therapy and Coaching


My approach to Nutritional Therapy and coaching includes not just nutrition but also movement and mindful aspects because we are incredibly interlinked.


The 1:1 NT packages include:

This is for you if you want to work on a specific health concern 

  • An initial 75 minute consultation to assess current symptoms, dietary model and lifestyle factors that could be affecting your health and health goals
  • A supportive nutrition and supplement plan (where applicable) to start working with. Your nutritional plan will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle to make it easier to implement
  • A minimum of 4 follow up consultations to assess symptoms and make any tweaks to your dietary and supplement plans done via Zoom *see specifics on programmes below, these will be between 30-45 minutes
  • Workbooks to keep you feeling engaged and document your progress
  • Support for when things become hard because health is emotional and personal – this isn’t a cold clinical setting
  • Test analysis and patterns identified
  • 10% discount on supplements and private testing will always be offered where possible


This is a client lead programme meaning we will work at your pace with what you require session to session.


The details:

  • Accountability and support for implementation
  • Workbooks to keep you engaged and document your progress
  • 20% discount on short recorded courses in the future – watch this space for topics coming soon!

The investment:

  • Initial and 4 follow ups – £430
    • Must be used within 4 calendar months
  • Initial and 6 follow ups – £770
    • Must be used within 6 calendar months
  • Additional follow ups £73.50

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