Personalised Nutrition

Better health for you

Private Nutrition Consultations

* All consultations will be done remotely for the foreseeable future.

Using scientific evidence based research and my experience in the field I look at what lies beneath the symptoms and how to help you back to a place of better health and wellbeing. Combining the use of diet and lifestyle changes with supplements only when needed we will work together to get you to where you want to be on your health journey. Having a private consultation is to help you

  • Understand how your current diet and lifestyle choices may be affecting your health
  • Environmental factors that could be confounding your efforts
  • Address specific symptoms or health concerns
  • Implement preventative health measures
  • Gain support and motivation towards starting a new healthy lifestyle

Initial consultations will take place in 45-60 minutes where by we will cover your health concerns and systematically look through your health as a whole to create a picture that can help identify where things may need improvements.

You will receive a Wellness Plan to help you with these improvements.

Included is a first followup consultation to assess efficacy and ease of implementing your plan.


£120 for initial and 1st follow-up

£60 for all further follow-ups

Corporate Nutrition

Workplace Nutrition for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce

I regularly educate on a larger scale at corporate events, working with a variety of companies as part of their wellbeing programmes.

Services Offered

Workshops and Educational Talks

For groups from 5 to 500 these workshops provide a focused 45-60 minutes of nutritional information on topics relevant to the work force and current knowledge, research and trends. Accompanied by a slide show and digital handouts these presentations are often interactive and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

I have created a new range of interactive talks and demonstrations for businesses to offer their employees to help take control of their wellbeing to improve general and specific health. If what you are looking for is not among what is currently listed please contact me and we can discuss your requirements to create a bespoke presentation.

  • An Introduction to Nutrition.
  • Stressed Out! How to use nutrition to manage stress.
  • Brain Power. Using food and nutrition to boost brain function.
  • Fast Food, Good Food. How to eat well in a hurry.
  • Immune Support. Using nutrition to support immune function.
  • Eating Well at Work. Solutions for workplace meals.
  • Sleep Well. Nutrition and mindful skills for better sleep.

Nutrition Stand

This is an excellent option for busy companies who want and need to provide the means for their employees to access personalised nutrition information in a way that works with their work schedule.

An informal set up with take home literature will be arranged in a visible area and staff members are encouraged to drop by for conversations about nutrition and health providing everything from fact busting clarity to supplement  and dietary suggestions.

Corporate Walk-in Consultations

Set aside and more privately I will set up a consultation room in which employees can book or walk-in, depending on demand, to have a private mini consultation with take home notes focused on their individual needs.

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