Tatu Bearcroft - Naturopathic Nutritionist



Tatu has a natural and passionate connection for food, movement and wellness. I went to see her as I had been suffering with a few disconnection and wanted to know where I was going wrong in my diet and understanding of food. What I didn’t relase it would be more than just food. We started with a detailed history taking, past and present. She gave insightful information tailored to bringing balance plus tools to understand what is going on in my body. Her knowledge Was vast and I left trusting that finally I can understand and be guided throughly to bring balance back. I highly recommend Tatu to my clients and family/ friends as someone that can help you nourish and nurture your body, you’ll understand there’s a bigger picture to wellness. I feel so much better but also empowered that I can heal myself and my family with what she taught me.

UjuHead Coach, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

I just want to say that Tatu is so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and caring. I cannot thank her enough for the support and help she has given me.

EmmaOffice Manager and mother

Working with Tatu changed my life.
We worked both 1:1 and I was part of her first group programme, both of which were invaluable to me. My blood glucose went from 15 to 7 , my PMS improved immeasurably. But what Tatu gave me that no other coach, therapist or programme leader gave me was courage and self esteem by giving me support and understanding with not just nutrition but also my mindset. 6 months with Tatu changed my life. I would recommend her to anyone.

AmreetaEvents Manager HSBC

I really enjoyed having a session with Tatu. It was my first one. I was incredibly nervous 🤭😔and a little embarrassed about some of my health issues. She has a really lovely, peaceful, aura which made it easy to talk with her and be open. 🌷
Even talking with doctors and nurses sometimes they can be uncomfortable when diving in and talking about body parts, and body fluids, (in my experience) but when mentioning those things with Tatu it was really comforting and those things didn't bother her to talk about.
She was honest and offered really great starting tips that I truly believe will help me make good progress when I start implementing them 💖. She also offered referrals and supplemental information after the session to make sure I continue on my holistic health journey. I would definitely do more sessions 🤗 Thank you Tatu Bearcroft

AddieOnline wellness coach

. I wanted to say thanks for the seed cycling share. I’ve been religiously doing it for a month and had no PMT or headaches pre period like I used to. I’m keeping on going with it. Just wanted to let you know

KatieYoga Teacher