Dinner parties are off the table at present, pun fully intended, meals in restaurants with friends are a thing of distant memories. But this doesn’t mean we cannot connect with one another, enjoy new dishes in our homes that are not the same old regular delivery options of pizza and other slightly less than nutritious take out options.

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On the day you’ll be emailed am invite to the video meeting, logon and meet the group, be sure to have all your cooking things at the ready, a drink of your choice and a dash of enthusiasm. Tatu will lead you through a fun and interactive cooking session so you can create this tasty menu in your own home.

Tatu is a private chef and nutritionist in non-corona times so feel free to pick her brains on all things foodie and nutrition during the session. You will be sent the recipes after the event so you can recreate the tasty dish again and again.


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Please make a donation of £10 or more via PayPal to [email protected] or MPESA to 07430 78889  to secure your seat at the dinner table.

Profits from these supper clubs go towards helping Tatu sponsor two young boys from Kenya through school and make a real difference to their futures.



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