Hilary, Yoga Teacher.

The post op diet has been amazing. I’ve. It even needed to calorie count!!! The 16 he fast is so easy. I have actually only at times needed one or two of the meals a day because I am satisfied and full. I’m still following it as I’m still relatively inactive so don’t feel the need to tweak it yet and I’m glowing!!! Sleeping well. Recovery is amazing and has blown the surgeon away…!!! Thank you so much for your knowledge, wisdom and patience xxx

Vanita Patel M.B.E, Surrey

For some time I have been suffering from ailments which were addressed by a conventional medical team but no serious issues were diagnosed.  Some home remedies were my only solution and there was a very little improvement and I accepted the ailments and integrated them into my everyday routine.  My ‘problems’ were digestion, lymphodema, weight gain, brittle splitting nails with a mild form of onychomycosis.

About a year ago I was introduced to Tatu Bearcroft by a family member and I attended her clinic with an open mind but also with some anticipation.  The consultation was long and detailed and my blood results from my GP were considered.   Tatu took notes of my medical history and devised a treatment plan.  I considered this plan to be more a self help exercise with Tatu reviewing it regularly.

I followed her plan more or less about 60% and to my relief it took a few weeks before I noticed a change in my symptoms.  I wish I had been stricter and followed the plan fully from the start.

A few further consultations followed and she made a few changes to the original plan and even shared some of her favourite recipes.

With several holidays abroad and wedding/birthday parties, I had not been able to stick to the plan but followed it as much as I could.  Which meant that the results were slow to be realised but eventually when I did follow the plan fully, I was truly amazed at the difference in the way I felt and most of my ailments disappeared!  My hair and nails returned to their previous condition and my weight was stabilised.   I still have issues with lymphodema but it has improved since I have adopted Tatu’s Naturopathic Plan.

I shall continue consulting Tatu from time to time as she has helped me to also stay on track when I have drifted off from time to time.

I would definitely recommend Tatu to anyone with any health issues and to those who wish to improve their health and make changes to their lifestyle.

Charlotte, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Company Owner.

I worked with Tatu for a period of 2 months in 2017 and am continuing to work her.

Tatu’s approach was so welcome after years of doctors who have been reluctant to take my case seriously. Her ability to listen compassionately and her proactive approach my unique situation was truly a breath of fresh air. She not only has a great wealth of practical knowledge but her emotional intelligence struck me as she was always able to understand the finer details of my concerns.

The ‘prescription’ she developed for me was so very practical, financially accessible and adaptable to the lifestyle I lead.  Within 4 weeks I noticed marked improvements in the symptoms and regularity of my digestion. I was able to introduce foods into my diet that had previously been excluded and blood tests results that had previously shown kidney problems and low white blood cell count all improved moving towards normal. I began to gain weight and it felt effortless. I personally noted that I felt more compassionate to myself and less anxious.

Over the following weeks when we adapted the plan I continued to see benefits and I have better digestion now than I have ever had in my life. I am the healthiest weight that I have been in years and am physically stronger. Furthermore I have recently felt empowered to make other changes in my life that may seem unrelated to my food intake but which I believe are linked to the overall wellbeing of my mind and body.

I cannot say how grateful I am to Tatu and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Uju, Head Coach and Personal Trainer.

Tatu has a natural and passionate connection for food, movement and wellness. I went to see her as I had been suffering with a few disconnection and wanted to know where I was going wrong in my diet and understanding of food. What I didn’t relase it would be more than just food. We started with a detailed history taking, past and present. She gave insightful information tailored to bringing balance plus tools to understand what is going on in my body. Her knowledge Was vast and I left trusting that finally I can understand and be guided throughly to bring balance back. I highly recommend Tatu to my clients and family/ friends as someone that can help you nurish and nurture your body, you’ll understand there’s a bigger picture to wellness. I feel so much better but also empowered that I can heal myself and my family with what she taught me.

Sally Lovett, Director, Stretching the City.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tatu for over 5 years. First as a chef on our yoga retreats and secondly, leading nutrition workshops and interactive cooking demos for our corporate clients. Tatu’s nutritional knowledge and expertise is second to none and her passion and enthusiasm for healthy eating is infectious. Always a popular hit amongst our clients, Tatu is professional, reliable and trustworthy, whilst also bringing fun, warmth and plenty of personality to her work.