Woman Power, Perfecting the Period

12 Week Group Programme to balance your hormones and give you back your spark

Did you know every organ in your body is affected by your hormones which in turn affects your health? This goes to show how important it is to have these wonderful messengers balanced and functioning optimally. This is the foundation of what I teach women to do in this programme.

This programme is for you if you have:

  • Irregular, heavy, painful or emotional menstrual cycles
  • Brain fog
  • Headache 
  • Lethargy
  • Trouble losing weight
  • Or wish to start preparing for pregnancy

This 12 week informative and empowering programme takes you through a step by step process to rebalance your hormones and perfect your period, so you can feel fabulous again. The reason why we do this over 12 weeks is to capture three menstrual cycles if possible. There is a one week break between weeks 6 and 7, giving everyone time to digest the information and gather any questions or queries they might have.

The course runs through the different organs and organ systems, piecing together how these must work smoothly together to achieve hormone balance. This will give you an understanding of how to read and interpret your own beautiful body in the future; empowering you with the knowledge to support your own health and hormones with confidence. Of course you will always be able contact me for any support you need.

In this programme we will be running through the different organs and organs systems and piecing together how these must work smoothly together for hormone balance, this understanding will give you an understanding of your beautiful body and how to read it so in the future you can use your new acquired information to support your own health and hormones. Of course you can always contact me for any support. 

You will have the tools and the support to:

  • Reduce and even remove pain from your periods
  • Improve mood and mentality
  • Clear your mind and increase productivity
  • Regulate cycles
  • Have lovely skin and hair
  • Improve and optimise your body composition
  • Curb sugar habits
  • Overcome mental blocks regarding your health

Say good-bye to feeling disempowered and confused when it comes to your health!

You will be empowered by this balanced combination of easy to implement steps, informative materials on women’s health and hormones, guidance on nutrition, movement and mindfulness practices that will leave you feeling fabulous. You will have the power to banish pain, balance your moods and mental state, clear your mind to increase productivity and enjoy life. In our supportive group of women and with my personal expertise and guidance, you will have all the tools to regulate your own period as well as look and feel incredible!

Over the 12 weeks you will benefit from:

  • Dietary analysis
  • Advice and support on supplements
  • Learning how to create the perfect meal plan for YOU
  • Movement and exercise to support your natural cycle
  • Mindfulness practices for mental health and relaxation
  • Fully understanding of how hormones work how they impact all areas of health
  • Learning what things that affect your hormones
  • What your test results really mean
  • A fun interactive live cook-a-long session
  • 10% discounts on supplements and tests wherever possible

The details

  • Weekly group Zoom calls to check in plus a Q&A session with me.
  • Accountability through a private group on the step by step tasks to keep you moving forward.
  • Programme information and tasks delivered through videos and PDFs.
  • 2 x FREE  1:1 sessions worth £130
  • 20% discount on short recorded courses in the future – watch this space for topics coming soon!

My Story – Why I created this programme

I grew up very much in tune with my body. I was taught in depth how my movement, diet and lifestyle affected my hormones. For much of my life I followed the advice I was given. However the times I did not I experienced profound differences in my cycles, pain, mental state and energy levels. 

The worst time was a few years ago, when I would have a whole week of anxiety, terrible moods, lethargy and frustratingly, a huge crash in my productivity. As an entrepreneur and business, this was costing me massively; I kept dropping the ball, cancelling calls because I was too anxious to speak to anyone. I was exhausted therefore struggling with my appointments, yet sleep eluded me. 

Over 6 months, I slowly began working on myself. After a little effort shifting habits, using the right supplements and mindful practices, I returned back to my healthy, happy self and business started to rock once again! I didn’t feel uncomfortable in my own body anymore, my skin was better, the pain was barely there, but for me the MOST important thing was the return of my MIND – for a disturbing time, I had felt as if I was going crazy and it was terrifying. 

I have quietly overcome a number of different things in my life health-wise and rarely thought much of it. It was not until I sat down and thought about the millions of women who are needlessly suffering, feeling lost, frustrated and powerless. Why should you just accept without question that it is just rubbish luck of the draw and you have no option but to feel utterly awful each month?

I am somewhat of a nerd. I knew I had so much I could share to support women who were or are in a similar position to me, and thus the programme was born.

The next enrolment

  • The next Woman Power, Perfecting the Period group programme commences on May 30th 2022.
  • There is only a limited number of  spaces available, be sure to contact me to reserve your place by putting down a deposit.

Optional added extras

  • 1:1 Nutritional Therapy consultation with 3 follow up sessions £230, usually £430
  • 1:1 coaching 45 minute sessions package of 3 for £130
  • Personalised 7 day menu plan and recipes £40


The investment

  • The investment that is sure to change your life and give you the power to perfect your own periods is only £579
  • You space can be reserved for just £100, the remainder to be paid in full by May 30th
  • Payment plans are available on request.

Tatu is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate woman. She listens and comes back with groundbreaking solutions and ideas. Her knowledge is really not something I have seen in other nutritionists. She is open and welcoming and she created a community of likeminded women that I felt connected to over the course of the programme. Her experience as a chef has also meant that I have picked up some recipes that I’ll keep in my toolbox forever. Not only has Tatu educated and inspired me but she has been an invaluable support to me and I’m so grateful. Chloe x

ChloeMultiple business owner and yoga teacher.

I haven’t felt this good in so long! I forgot what it felt like to be “normal” (I wish I could put in words how much this program has meant to me so here’s to trying!) Tatu’s program was incredible! In our discovery call she really listen to all my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to start doing to feel better. Everything I learned in the program I will carry with me through the rest of my life, and helping my three daughters with their hormone balancing along with their families. Tatu always listened carefully, found the answers to all of my questions, was fun, and personable. Learning that balance is the key to everything has changed my life!
AND-very important—I lost 24 pounds total on the Programme! I was never starving. I ate Tatu’s wonderful hormone loving recipes and the weight just came off

JulieAccountant and mother

Just finished up on the last Sunday session with the ladies in Tatu Bearcroft Perfecting the Period programme.
I have learned a lot about my hormones, and my overall health. I have had an unexpected diagnosis which I most likely wouldn't have had if Tatu hadn't prodded me with a virtual hot poker to the doctors. Although not a positive diagnosis, she has continued supporting me and providing her expert advice to get me on the right track healing my body naturally.
Healing my body in the most natural way possible is super important to me and I really appreciate this added support from a heavily preggo superwoman.
If you are struggling with your menstrual cycle or your hormones in general I'd recommend you get in touch with Tatu.
If you can wait until she's back off maternity I would totally recommend her perfecting the period programme. I am going to miss the ladies every Sunday- but it's been a fab farewell session making this super tasty food. ❤❤

JenStrength Coach