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What to do with asparagus stalks of an evening

By March 10 July 9th, 2015 No Comments

imageDo you ever get that guilt of not using the asparagus stalks, chop off the tips as then stare at the food wastage – images from Oxfam adverts flashing though your mind. Perhaps not, but I hate wastage and some of the most amazing dishes through sheer stubbornness of throwing food away.

Last night I had had asparagus staring at me so I had a nibble and low what deliciousness was to be had! Raw

I sliced them super finely with my new fancy pants knife from the Japanese Knife Shop a certain someone bought me for my birthday and simply drizzled over a little lemon juice, oyster sauce and sprinkled some dry fried garlic slithers for garnish. My client absolutely loved it and devoured the whole lot not really paying attention to the other dishes on the table. A firm repeat for that wonderful family I think!


Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your leftovers, what have you got to lose? You were going to throw them away anyway right?