The Juice Fast

Let the juice fast begin!

Today one of my private clients has started a juice fast so I decided whilst I am not having to make any food for work what better time for myself to also join in on the fast and enjoy the cleanse.

The day begins with a lovely blend of lemon, honey, cayenne pepper and cinnamon in warm water to kick start our metabolisms and rehydrate first thing. Cinnamon helps to increase insulin sensitivity which is an aim of one of my clients, cayenne pepper boosts the immune system and the metabolism which helps with weightloss and energy levels. Lemon to cleanse the liver and alkalise the body, that and it just tastes so so so yummy!! I added a little honey to my clients morning tonic as for some it may be a bit much.

Next a delicious blend of banana, apricot, home made hazelnut milk, and cardamom for a pre work out boost for myself and my client alike. Cardamoms are closely related to ginger so share the same anti-inflammatory properties which are so very hand after a long session in the gym. I used my trusty Vtamix for this creation.

Then my favourite! Kale, pear, apple, ginger and lemon. Boy was this baby green, tastes like health itself in your mouth. Iron rich, low is sugar and ideal for alkalising the bosy this juice is not only delicious but easy to make. Ideally I would have bought a twin gear masticating juicer for this but my little kitchen is so full I don’t have space, “one day” I say to myself, “one day”. I settled for the Kuving B6000 slow juicer which is quite and compact, sitting nicely on my green marble kitchen worktop. Its just lovely!

Back to the beloved Vitamix for a watermelon, nectarine, apple and mint juice. A great afternoon boost when you get to the dreaded 3pm slump. The earthy flavour of the watermelon gives me all the happiness I need to keep going with a smile and bounce in my step not to mention its super hydrating.

Evenings I have included a warm soup as the UK can be a little cold especially as the body temperature can drop when one undergoes a juice fast. I opted to over roast half an onion (not chopped), a butternut squash and a clove of garlic (whole) at 180 for 25 minutes until soft. I then popped that in the vitamix with a little vegetable stock, creamd coconut and blended until completely smooth. Very much looking forward to this betacarotene hit which is sure to help mop up the toxins.

Next up is the night-time soothing nut mylk I made. I blened cashews and almonds with water until smooth the added cacao powder, cinnamon and a touch of sea salt. to be enjoyed warm. The high levels of Magnesium are to help with sleep and relaxation allowing time and energy to be focused on healing the body as it rests.