What do we really mean when we say ‘I Feel Fat!’

It is a statement many of us will have said and/or thought in our lives, for some of us it may even be a repetitive rhetoric swirling in our minds, clouding our thoughts. But what do we really mean by it, because it is incredibly subjective.

I, personally, have struggled with my body image a great deal over the years, this lead to unhelpful eating habits and a tonne of unhelpful self talk. However, it was only recently I came across something that really helped me understand WHAT I was feeling by saying the words, ‘I am Fat’ or‘I feel Fat’.


I came across something in my reading that pushed me to question what it was I was actually feeling, to articulate it properly to myself in order to understand it, to feel freedom from the negative self talking and in that to be able to step into a different head space and perspective. So WHAT was I feeling?

  • I felt UNCOMFORTABLE in my body
  • I felt that I was INFERIOR to others whose appearance I deemed better than my own
  • I felt GRIEF at the loss of my younger body, even though it was unfounded
  • I felt REJECTED because of my appearance, rather than seeing that I just didn’t fit with the crowd
  • I felt ASHAMED of my appearance, now I look back and I see it was intertwined with not knowing how to dress up like other girls, to put on make up like other girls, to be more ‘feminine’

In understanding WHAT I was feeling even now feel sometimes I am more able to take action to move away from it.

If you hear that voice in your head saying, ‘I am Fat’ then I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself what does that mean to you today? I found this useful resource to help articulate emotions and feelings.


Once we can understand the emotions and thoughts behind the statement we can start to take action towards change.

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