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Beef Bone broth – energy booster

So I love chicken bone broth far more than I love beef bone broth, to me it is far more palatable. However, I have always lived by the rule that not all that we consume is for taste alone, some is indeed for the benefit of our health and therefore being wise to the facts is extremely helpful in taking control of our own health and wellness. This bearing in mind I had a look at the cold hard Nutrition facts in a program called NutritionData and you can find the link here. Comparatively the mineral content of a cup of chicken bone broth is somewhat less, especially in potassium, it also has a higher carbohydrate to protein ratio. Anecdotal data suggests that beef bone broth improves energy levels more so than chicken broth, this could be attributed to the higher mineral content so providing better mineral cofactors for ATP  production within individual cells. This in mind I would suggest giving this bad boy recipe a go and enjoy!

Ingredients – makes 1.5 – 2L

1.5kg beef bones, cracked by butcher

2 inches ginger roughly chopped

1 onion halved, can leave the skin on

1 heaped tsp cumin, ground or seeds

salt and pepper to taste

30g coriander, finely chopped

juice of ½ lemon

2 cloves garlic, minced/grated on a fine grater (I use a microplane)



In a large pot place the bones and arrange the remaining ingredients, save lemon, garlic and coriander. Cover with filtered water and a lid, simmer for 6hrs+, then allow to fully cool. If you have a slow cooker it is best to leave simmering for 18hrs as this have been shown to increase the mineral leaching into the water.

Once cooled the fat will solidify on the top, remove with a spoon and set aside for cooking. Strain the mixture and add the garlic, coriander then transfer to jars.

You can add bite sized pieces of beef, veggies, leeks etc. to later sift out and have as a meal with steamed greens of your choice. Helps to double up things to save time/space in the kitchen. You can apply the same formula to chicken and lamb stocks.

Tip: squeeze in a spot a lemon before serving for a bit of Pow!