In today’s fast urbanising world we are  seeing a sharp rise in endocrinologically related disease processes and imbalances leading to the cascade of complex health issues affecting numerous people in a plethora of different ways. IMAG0306

The endocrine system is a collection of glands and glandular tissues within the body which secrete different hormones to signal tissues of the body to respond in highly specific ways, it also is incredibly interlinked and when it works efficiently it is amazing however due to it being some complex when things become out of balance we see some very serious issues arising.

Think of the endocrine system like a big multinational company that communicates via coded postal letters, the postal letters are hormones. The Master Gland, or CEO of the body is the Hypothalamus whose desk is next to the Pituitary Gland, the Managing director as it were. The CEO doesn’t have direct modes of contact with the body tissues so he talks to the Pituitary who in turn send postal letter with instructions to other glands with instructions. The blood acts as the roads along which the postal vans (hormone carrier proteins) travel so distributing the letter to the correct addresses or glands. Once those letters get to the glands they are destined for release their own hormones which are distributed by a different carrier protein or postal van heading for the target tissue. And this is a simplified version of the truth!

You can see how if one member of the company is not paying attention, feeling a bit hungover from last nights Christmas party or is just plain lazy then you have a handful of problems on your hands.

Each hormone and carrier protein requires certain mirco nutrients, minerals and vitamins to be made, each enzyme that activates the processes following also requires mineral and vitamins as co-factors. Micro nutrients are what keep us functioning on a level required for everyday survival and therefore are vital.

The Anterior Pituitary, with orders from the Hypothalamus, issues instructions to the Thyroid glad.

The Thyroid gland is a gland of much interest to us as it controls the bodies metabolism, not just how quickly can we burnt fuel and stay skinny but how we assimilate nutrients, how we build new tissues including immune cells. If the Thyroid is over functioning as with HYPERthyroidism we see symptoms resulting in the incomplete building of tissues, loss of nutrients and hyperactivity. If you have a task to do you might be able to do the task somewhat slower and still have the same result just as you may be able to do it a little faster, however if you you do it too quickly you will end up with a sloppy half done job – thin brittle nails and hair, dry skin and poor digestion. If you take too long to complete the task the same will happen, the results are sub-optimal meaning you don’t utilise all the energy. HYPOthyroidism is the overly slow function of the thyroid, assimilation of nutrients is reduced meaning undernourishment of tissues, low energy production meaning the person will be constantly tired and as the body is not using the energy gain from eating food it will package it away to use at a later date resulting in undesired weight gain.

So bearing in mind what we have discussed earlier about the chain of command in the multinational national company which is our body you may be able to see how it may not be the fault of the Thyroid if it is under or over functioning. It may be that the Pituitary has been playing silly games and changed the original message, it may be that the original message was wrong, it may have been an issue with the roads that the postal vans travel along or it may have been the postal vans themselves!

The particular postage system, letter writing paper and so forth that is used for the safe and accurate delivery of the Thyroid messages is dependant on the following micro nutrients so it may be worth looking into your micro nutrient profile to see what may be the issue if you feel you are exhibition symptoms of a over or under-functioning thyroid.

Protein, Magnesium, B-12, Zinc, Iodine, B2, Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A

To have an accurate Thyroid reading the following hormones need to be assessed.

T3, T4, TSH, rT3

You can contact me  to asses whether you need to look into potential imbalances and sub-optimal levels of micro nutrients in your body which may result in unsatisfactory Thyroid function.

Never self medicate with supplements as each action has a reaction and you may end up creating an unwanted reaction resulting in a mineral or vitamin deficiency or a toxic build up of a substance in the body.