A simple cruciferous vegetable recipe for immunity and health


1 cup chopped leek

2 cups broccoli florets

1 fresh bay leaf

2 fresh thyme sprigs

2 handfuls of chopped kale

1/2 peeled and chopped sweet potato

3 cloves garlic

10 soaked cashews

1L stock of your choice

1 tbsp olive oil or butter

3 Tbsp Blood Mary Chickpeas – click here for recipe

On a low heat add the leeks and oil to a medium to large heavy bottomed cooking pot and cook until the leeks go soft and translucent, add the garlic, bay, sweet potato and thyme and cook for 3 minutes before adding the stock and simmering until the potato is soft. Finally add the remaining ingredient and cook for 5 minute more.
Remove from the heat and blend until smooth. To serve sprinkle over the Bloody Mary Chickpeas and option to serve with toasted Killer Chickpea Flatbread.